This might be just the cutest bowl you have ever seen!With its large capacity of 36 oz (1020 ml) this bowl is absolutely purrfect for your everyday needs - whether that's to eat your favorite ramen, hit up your dinner, make a salad or have a delicious fruit bowl - the possibilities are endless!

So what makes this bowl so wonderful?

1- "Well, that's obvious - design!!", you might say. And you will be absolutely right! This pot with its unbelievably cute lid looks adorable. Besides, you won't find it anywhere in retail stores. But design isn't the only feature you should consider ;)

2- Besides being the "most kawaii" bowl we have ever seen, it's actually very practical because the lid can be used as a second dish itself. Yes, you read that right - the lid is a plate. Isn't it just great?!

3- A very generous capacity of 36 oz means you can share a meal with family and friends or use it for snacks for your next movie night. 

4- Would be the sweetest gift ever for cat moms and dads, kawaii and otaku fans, anime lovers and gamers, or a special treat for yourself, because who said you can't have one?

5- Whether you are using it for lunch at the office or to serve dinner for your guests - this bowl won't go unnoticed for sure! 



Material: Ceramic, Porcelain

Microwave safe

Diameter: approx. 6 in

Capacity:  36 oz / 1020ml

Lid included, serves as a side plate

Available with and without tableware set


This unique and awesome bowl can be used for cold and hot dishes, as well as heat up your dinner in a microwave. Whether you fancy having some rice or ramen, hot soup or morning cereal, salad or healthy acai bowl, snacks or popcorn - this charming set has all your needs covered! 


Would serve perfectly at home, at school, in the office, in the dormitory, etc. for one person or to share the meal with friends and family.


When will my order be shipped?

The whole process typically ranges between approximately 7-20 business days depending on location. However, with the ongoing traveling restrictions, the shipment might take slightly longer.

Kawaii Cat Multi Purpose Bowl

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