About Us

At Ladnsia, the inspiration we take from the natural world comes with an inherent responsibility to preserve & protect it. As a brand, this ambition is integral in our work to create authentic designs with care, craft and purpose just to be the best online sustainable beauty products store


Being open about this commitment to sustainability is celebrated in the everyday efforts many of us already take to do our bit. Transparency on this journey is everything.

As a brand driven by integrity, being honest with our customers about the small steps we’re taking is essential as we continue to offer informed and personal service for the growing Ladnsia community.


This year, we’ve onboarded all of our retail teams with our internal sustainability strategy and mission to align all Ladsnia employees with our commitment to the environment.

This is now a standard part of our employee onboarding process. We also encourage employees to strike for the climate emergency because we believe it's important.

Thinking of Ideas

Our Promise

Ladnsia whole team put a lot of effort & pride in the products, working hard on quality, consistency & customer service.

We have a very special relationship, we are all on the same wavelength and we can all see what the other sees creatively, It's a real team effort.

We care about every single woman on earth, we bring you the products that you really need with consistent low prices which affordable to you and your budget too.